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Frequently asked

How much do we charge for our service?

Initially we may charge you a one-time fee for setup and creation, but after that you only pay for results. All our ongoing services such as maintenance, optimisation, constant reporting and time spent are included. You pay for positive results on a predetermined basis and nothing else. 

What are the advantages of paying on a commission basis?
We will only charge you a percentage of the additional revenue we generate for your business via Online Marketing. This means that if we do not provide you with results, neither will you be charged.  We will also implement conversion tracking so you will be able to follow the exact Return on Investment at any point.
Which Platforms do we use?

For Advertising we are using Google Ads and Social Media Platforms. For Data Analysis Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Youtube Analytics and Google Data Studio. For tracking Google Tag Manager

We are also experienced with different CMS-Systems (WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Shopware, Magento, JTL, …).

Why should you hire us?

We are offering Performance Marketing which means you will only have to pay us if the campaigns we set up and optimize for your business are running profitable – not for the time we invest. We have many years of experience within the field of Digital Marketing. We are speaking several languages so we can help you advertising in many markets

Which businesses are we focused on?

We are specialised on eCommerce which want to increase their revenue and Return on Investment and Businesses which want to increase the number of Leads and lower the Cost-per-Acquisition via Online Marketing.

Can you give a numerical example?
Let’s say you are an eCommerce for shoes and every shoe you are selling online costs 100 Euro.

If you become our client and we agree on a commission basis of 10%, for example, you will only have to pay us 10 Euro for every extra sale we generate for your Bussiness via Digital Marketing after the initial set up.

The same model also works if you want to generate Leads online – basically anything monetary measurable. It is also no problem if you have a different profit margin for every product since we can agree on individual profit margins.

We will set up conversion tracking so you can always keep track of the exact Return on Investment and the exact number of Leads we generate for your business via advertising.

No monthly Flat Fees, no hidden fees for the time we invest. With us you get a reliable and fully transparent Digital Marketing Partner.
What are the next steps when contacting us?

1. Step:  You will have a free, initial and non-binding consultation by one of our Digital Marketing Expert 

2. Step: We will check your website and marketing accounts to see what’s already there and what needs to be set up

3. Step: We will send you an offer for implementation and our sales commission

4. Step: We start the detailed market research

5. Step: We set everything up

6. Step: We go life with the digital marketing campaigns and start the ongoing optimization process  

Do we include have a minimum contract duration?

No, since we are aiming for a successful long-term cooperation on a voluntary basis to grow your business sustainably we do not have any minimum contract duration.


What We Can Do For You

We help business grow – whether you’re a well-known business or just getting started! We will take care of all of your Digital Marketing Activities.

This includes: The set up of all relevant Accounts and Advertising Campaigns, implementing the tracking codes for success measurement and maintaining your Campaigns.  We prefer to work with a long-term orientation that creates consistent, sustainable growth.



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From Our Founders

Your Success Is Our Success

Beside always moving forward and adapting to change there is another key rule that is very important to stay on top; a team is always stronger than the sum of its individuals. Close and customised cooperation is necessary to maximise your success; and your success is our success.
For this reason we are offering Performance Marketing and do not charge for regular changes like most competitors do, instead we work on a success fee basis as we believe in our competencies. We always work driven by success, always moving forward.

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